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Lego learning games - exploring Lego and play dough. This is a great activity for sensory play, imaginative play, letter recognition and sight words. (*idea- use long thin legos as "big lines" & short thin legos as "little lines" to make HWOT letters

Play tic tac toe with spelling words! Awesome idea!

Pick the word the are struggling with.Play tic tac toe with spelling words. to play, students have to repeatedly write the sight word. fun way to practice!

Everyone reads in their own space using their chair and a pillow. Genius!

During quiet reading time, just have the kids flip their chairs around and give them pillows to lounge on. Read to self pillows!

Name practice for Kindergarten

FUN Back to School Games for Kindergarten

At last! A primary teacher doing Daily 5 math with some super ideas!

The Reading Corner: Thinking about Non Fiction and Math Daily 5 I love the idea of running math in the same way as the Daily for reading. It makes sense to use mini lessons and daily

Practice game???1-play super slow, 2-play super fast, 3-play staccato, 4- play lh with rh/play rh with lh, 5-play by memory, 6-play in a different octave....

This is a fun spelling game! Students use the first word on their spelling list and roll the die. They complete the task for the number they roll.make it more challenging for and could also uses vocabulary words-love the idea

expressions de lieu

expressions de lieu - play a treasure hunt game where partners have to describe location to each other to get prize

la nature des mots

Grammaire – conjugaison Rseeg CE1