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a jar filled with lots of sand on top of a counter
Handmade Pride
Sand or dirt from places you visit. Fun keepsake!
a toddler sitting in a high chair on top of a blue counter next to a sink
ikea hack: MYO activity tower so you can have toddlers help you in the kitchen!
the book cover for 13 books to get you through your quarter - life criss
30 Books to Give Your Friends Going Through a Quarter-Life Crisis
A Reading Guide For Surviving Your 20s
a blue frog sitting on top of a tree branch with the caption when you call the number 13 344 844, it calls auburn university and they will try to answer any question you could ever
On life and time.
Little fun fact for you. And now I'm trying to imagine up the craziest question I can think of so I can call and drive these kids crazy :-P
a close up of a machine with a sheet of paper on it
Reasons Why I'm Obsessed with My Lamination Machine
Reasons Why I'm Obsessed with my Laminator and why you should be too! The what, where and why of laminating to organize your life.
the fastest way to a clean house printable checklist
Clean House Worksheet // Free Printable | Fab N' Free
This is like the in-laws are coming in a couple hours and I need to clean up the tornado that hit my house kind of cleaning up!!
several books stacked on top of each other with the words 120 nursing flashcards and memory aids
120+ Flashcards and Memory Aids for Nurses - NurseBuff
120+ Flashcards and Memory Aids for Nurses. Pin NOW, Read LATER!
a table with numbers and dates on it
25 Christmas Traditions
Advent Christmas (count down) Bible Verses to read. From December 1st to Christmas Eve
three jars filled with money sitting on top of a table
saving up money great for my Africa trip and Camp Dreamcatcher!!!
a man and woman cuddle together in the kitchen
Reconnect: 30 good questions to ask each other. Just did this! Such a good conversation!!
a poster with the words college funding, pay off all debt and three six months in savings
Dave Ramsey plan in a nutshell.
a notepad and pen sitting on top of a table next to a cup of coffee
Save Money On Groceries With The Skip a Day and Save Method
Great way to make room in your food budget for stocking up on good sales.
an open tin can with the words to be opened in ten years
3 Facts for the Day (A Guide to Mean Girls Edition). A letter to my future, thirteen year old daughter.
the best baby shower giraffes are on display
Best Baby Shower Gift Ever! - unOriginal Mom
Best Baby Shower Gift Ever - a folder to organize all the important papers that come with having a baby! I will make this for every shower going forward!!!!! :-) :-)