Sweet Kyla - GREY DEER Bumper Crib Pad, $139.99 (http://www.sweetkyla.com/grey-deer-bumper-crib-pad/)

Sweet Kyla provides stylish Bumper Pads that add a finished look to any nursery design! Designed to fit all corners of the crib.

Sweet Kyla - GREY DEER Clothes or Toy Nursery Hamper, $59.99 (http://www.sweetkyla.com/grey-deer-clothes-or-toy-nursery-hamper/)

Nursery Hampers are perfect for keeping toys, dirty laundry or just a stylish catch all to keep the nursery ti

Sweet Kyla - GREY DEER Soft Nursery Basket - Bark Fabric, $34.99 (http://www.sweetkyla.com/grey-deer-soft-nursery-basket-bark-fabric/)

Canadian made Upscale Baby Bedding and Nursery Decor for ANY budget. Our selection of styles and colours make it easy for parents to create a nursery that& safe and stimulating for their baby.

Sweet Kyla - GREY DEER Decor Nursery Pillow - Fawn Applique, $31.99 (http://www.sweetkyla.com/grey-deer-decor-nursery-pillow-fawn-applique/)

Stylish and Supportive touch for any chair in the nursery! Decor Pillow with multiple colour options - the choice is yours!

Sweet Kyla - GREY DEER Crib Bedding Set with Crib Rail Protector (PREMIUM), $225.99 (http://www.sweetkyla.com/grey-deer-crib-bedding-set-with-crib-rail-protector-premium/)

Our set in the Grey Deer Crib Bedding collection includes: Baby Blanket that reverses to soft flannel or minky backing the choice is yours!

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby in your family? Read Sweet Kyla's blog on how to pick the right bedding set in Canada for your nursery.

A new baby is coming to your family :)You’ve just discovered that you are pregnant, and you’re over the moon about it!

Sweet Kyla - GREY DEER Soft Nursery Basket - Deer Fabric, $34.99 (http://www.sweetkyla.com/grey-deer-soft-nursery-basket-deer-fabric/)

Nursery Baskets are perfect for keeping diapers handy, a place to throw small toys or just a stylish catch all

Sweet Kyla - GREY DEER Play Blanket, $99.99 (http://www.sweetkyla.com/grey-deer-play-blanket/)

The perfect blanket grows from tummy time to a toddler bed! Play Blanket is super soft & cozy, multi-functional perfect for tummy time or just lounging, pla

Sweet Kyla - GREY DEER Long Nursery Drapes - Grey Bark Print (Set of 2), $169.99 (http://www.sweetkyla.com/grey-deer-long-nursery-drapes-grey-bark-print-set-of-2/)

Drapes make the perfect finishing touch to any nursery and transition to a toddler room! Nursery Drapes help to eliminate outside light, while adding a designer