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Sounds fun for the winter. I'll have to remember this! l Winter science experiment

Yep :)

My favorite outdoor activity is going back inside where it's warm. - YEP, screw winter, I want summer back.

Meanwhile in Canada...

Meanwhile in Canada.I am not a fan of Tim Horton's coffee, but the tea is good and the doughnuts - to die for!

"Things are somehow different in Canada" Haaaahahaha these are so funny!

Things are somehow different in Canada…

I'm Canadian yet I've never had a chance to kiss a moose. :( Mind you, I've got to sit outside on the ground and play with raccoon kits while their mom watched, unconcerned and trusting me!

Sounds familiar.

Canadian Problems // This one's a big problem, too.ex: the thermometer says it's outside but with windchill it feels at least

Meanwhile, In Canada


Funny pictures about Canadian road sign. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian road sign. Also, Canadian road sign.

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