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Yep :)

My favorite outdoor activity is going back inside where it's warm. - YEP, screw winter, I want summer back.

Meanwhile in Canada...

Meanwhile in Canada.I am not a fan of Tim Horton's coffee, but the tea is good and the doughnuts - to die for!

"Things are somehow different in Canada" Haaaahahaha these are so funny!

Things are somehow different in Canada…

Somehow things are a little different in canada Source © The Meta Picture

Meanwhile, In Canada


Funny pictures about Canadian road sign. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian road sign. Also, Canadian road sign.

so true! 2009km and one ferry ride for us to the closest cousins... 6,790km to the furthest away...

RT, it takes 4 hours of driving to reach my closest cousins, and 6 hours for my grandparents. I'd have to drive 24 hours to get to Quebec and it's one of the closest provinces XD

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If you don't like the weather in Idaho, wait 5 minutes, it'll change.

Sandy McTire

Canadian Tire money, in a display of world currency, ahaha! (My husband's been known to tease clerks in USA stores with Canadian Tire money) :-/

Welcome To Canada Funny First Week Of Spring Swim Suits In Snow

Funny pictures about Happy First Day of Spring. Oh, and cool pics about Happy First Day of Spring. Also, Happy First Day of Spring.


Meanwhile in Canada.I actually watched a guy leave his car at the pump and walk next door to Timmies .

Things Are a Little Different In Canada (29 Photos) - Suburban Men - December…

Things Are a Little Different In Canada (29 Photos)