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a person holding a plate full of cookies with candy on it and the caption says sweetie's
Sweetsie’s | Toronto Cookies on Instagram: “What is Sweetsie’s? Hopefully some of your favourite cookies. 🍪 - - - - - #torontocookies #gourmetcookies #cookielovers #torontofood”
Spend the day with a baker living in Toronto. Many cookies were made this day.
a close up of a doughnut with white icing on a blue background that says, cinnamon rolls
Meet one of Sweetsie’s Cookies most popular cookie: our cinnamon roll cookie. If you like cinnamon and sugar, this is the cookie for you. Follow on instagram @sweetsiescookies for some of the yummiest cookies in Toronto.
a hand holding a plate with cookies and marshmallows on it that says cookie time
Sweetsie’s | Toronto Cookies on Instagram: “Cookies delivered right to your door, yes please! Pictured here: s’mores and mini eggs. Follow Sweetsie’s Cookies on instagram for all the yummy cookies.
i love cookies poster with chocolate chip cookies stacked on top of each other
Sweetsie’s | Toronto Cookies on Instagram: “Where are my fellow cookie lovers at? 🍪 Two of our best sellers in one pic. Yum! Mini Eggs and Halfsies. Which would you choose?
Cookies for your wedding guests! The perfect wedding favors from Sweetsie’s Cookies in Toronto.