FREE PRINTABLE. With Halloween almost here the kids will love this monsters coloring page. Great for parents, grandparents and teachers to use to help entertain children.

Monsters Coloring Page

Help spark ideas for monster drawings. A monster coloring page! Perfect to talk about the Halloween season and the "monsters" your child may encounter. Monsters are make-believe, of course!

Monster Grin Printables

Monster Grins Cute Printable Birthday Party Favors - Printable Monster Smiles, Monster Faces

Mon monstre

Mon monstre

Mon monstre / My monster — Each student chooses his/her favorite monster and writes a descriptive paragraph using a word bank.

Comparing numbers with Monster Math

Comparing Numbers with Monster Math

Teach comparing numbers with this fun tool! Math Monsters only eat the biggest number. With these worksheets students will enjoy learning about comparing numbers. Stay tuned for more Monster Math.