Quick and Easy Chicken Burritos - 10 mins to make!

Quick and Easy Chicken Burritos

Healthy Easy Chicken Burritos, this idea is great, you just mix ingredients and stuff your burritos, it may work for quesadillas too. I'd sub out the tortilla with a low carb pita.

7 salads

Salad Recipes For Weight Loss

Salad Recipes For Weight Loss 7 Sexy Salads Salads can be very boring, I know…but they can also be super fun and really delicious! Here are 7 sexy salads from around the web that will have your waist line shrinking and your taste buds singing!

Zesty Lime, Shrimp, & Avocado Salad

Zesty Lime Shripm Avocado Salad - shrimp avocado diced red onionchopped tomato olive oil fresh lime juice cilantro salt and pepper.

Parler de la nourriture

Parler de ce qu’on aime manger

French speaking and writing activity: parler de ce qu'on aime manger

caramel liquide fait maison

caramel liquide fait maison

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15 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism. I already eat or drink a majority of these! Didn't even realize that they helped boost metabolism.

Gâteau moelleux aux pommes et au caramel #recette

Moist Caramel Apple Cake recipe- Inspired by a childhood favorite, this recipe reinvents the caramel apple as a cake, with fresh, tangy chopped apples baked into a treat that’s a whole lot easier to eat.

Weight Watchers Releases New Cookbook

Weight Watchers Releases New Cookbook

Weight Watchers In 20 Minutes [Hardcover-spiral]

Beignets au sucre express (temps de repos 30min), cette recette ne nécessite pas de friteuse :)  Recette en ligne ici : http://lesrecettesdamandiine.over-blog.com/2014/02/beignets-au-sucre.html

35 recipes of sugared