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a small town with people walking around it
Chris Da Silva
Providence - Medieval City Port Miniature - by Chris Da Silva
a model of a town with lots of buildings and people on the boat in front
A Dockside Crane for Gierburg
A Dockside Crane for Gierburg (miniatures painted by Simon Bradley, terrain painted by cianty)
the model ships are on display in front of other wooden buildings and structures that appear to be made out of wood
Ships, Pirates and WildWest Terrain for 28mm Gamers
big harbour
a model of a city with lots of buildings
Le donjon perdu
donjon hirst arts
an image of a stage set made out of stone and green lights on the stage
Photo Storage
Explore J T's photos on Photobucket. - Sifi diorama
there are many sticks sticking out of the top of pink flowers on this wooden table
several pieces of white tile sitting on top of a wooden table
My take on the 2.5D dungeon system...
If you're not familiar with the 2.5D dungeon method, then I'd recommend you take a look at some of the videos on The DM's Craft or TheDMGin...
a toy train set is shown on the table
Mine Shaft Terrain Tile Set Featuring Water and Lava. Check it out on our website!