Shadow Box your seashells!

40 outstanding seashell craft ideas and sea glass craft ideas. Make beautiful crafts using seashells and sea glass. Project ideas for kids crafts and adult crafts. - Ideas In Crafting

Carrés Tarte au Sucre

Recette: Carrés Tarte au Sucre

Cuire au four à pendant 10 minutes puis baisser le four à pendant

Chain of Hearts - rib stitch  #knit

Chain Of Hearts - Stitch Sample multiple of 9 + 2 Row edge st, * yo…

Adult Bootie Slippers | Craftsy

Knitted Adult Bootie Slippers - FREE - Janis Frank - Kweenbee of the Crafty World

DIY Just fabric, styrofoam and staples! so simple. so pretty. Dollar store??

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: Simple, Thrifty DIY Art- my new headboard-

Flour, sugar, water & white vinegar = Mod Podge!

Homemade glue : Flour, sugar, water & white vinegar = better cheaper Mod Podge (brand of glue useful for collages and other projects where you want to stick things down or seal a surface). It's too expensive.