✮ Flowerpot Island - Georgian Bay, Ontario

Flowerpot Island Canvas Print / Canvas Art by John Bartosik

✮ Flowerpot Island - Georgian Bay, Ontario on Manitoulin Island.

The Great Lakes by Katie Daisy:Michigan, Superior, Huron, Ontario, Erie, (62,798) Thunder, Gun, Murphy, Big Pine Island, Morrison, Campbell, Reed, Silver, Green, Leach, Indian Spring,

The Great Lakes paper print | Watercolor Wall Art | Hand Lettering | Watercolor Map | Katie Daisy

Lake Huron Shipwreck Maps | Lake Huron region

Map of Lake Huron Lighthouses, going to Sturgeon Point. that is where my dad was born, in the lighthouse.

Fathom Five and Flowerpot Island. One of my favourite places along the Lake Huron coast.

Bruce Peninsula National Park Parks - Nature Reserves of the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada

Point Clark Lighthouse Lake Huron, in Ontario Canada Ontario Canada 44.072857,-81.757304

Point Clark Lighthouse - Lake Huron, in Ontario, Canada


Salish Sea Bathymetric Wood Chart

Georgian Bay, Ontario

Georgian Bay Rocks

I went to the Georgian Bay on a kayaking trip but it was the rocks of the Georgian Bay that stole the show - cooked, twisted, folded, rippled.

Lake Huron Shipwreck | lake-huron-shipwreck-7

Aerial view of the two shipwrecks located in Big Tub Harbor, Tobermory, Ontario, Canada. The one in the middle of the harbor is the schooner Sweepstakes, the one closer to the shore is the steamer City of Grand Rapids.