Can't believe I didn't find it earlier, such a gold mine for all who are interested in French culture and in culture in general.     Language: English

Perry Taylor captures the spirit of South West France in his humorous drawings of the locals, their lifestyle, culture, heritage, animals and sports.

Excellent French resources

The Creative Language Class: If you read my post about Real World Homework, then you already know that I love stamps. Next I created a similar document for the class objectives for the students and copied it on the other side.

french as a second language resources (list of websites)

Supercharged Science - a Homeschool Science Curriculum

Annotated list of websites related to learning French as a second language (info for parents and games/activities/readings for children) go to children activity link

This file contains 7 different word walls for a total of 183 words all illustrated, to help students acquire more French vocabulary. All words are listed with articles so that students can easily understand whether to use feminine, masculine or plural agreements when using these new words in sentences.

Mes premiers mots - Basic French Vocabulary Word Walls