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someone is holding up a piece of paper with an old fashioned dragon design on it
Dnd Letter Template
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a table with dice and other items on it
Elemental Ink Pen from The Shop of Many Things • Dungeons & Dragons Puzzle
Becomes completely invisible when subjected to heat. Direct flame works well but also a hot lightbulb, a hot mug of just boiled water or even an iron work too. Around 104f (40c) is the temperature that the ink starts to disappear.
Make Your Day
How I made these giant Mushrooms from foam and pipecleaners. Just to add that Woodland Whimsy to your DnD campaign. 🍄🍂 #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #DungeonMaster #DnDTerrain #Mushroom #Foam #Craft #Feywild #TTRPG
an old book with many different types of writing on it
DND 5 ED Character Sheet, Joan Belda
an image of a room with lots of stuff on the floor and in the middle of it
30 Hilarious DnD Memes That Are A Natural 2020
an image of a diagram with words in spanish, and the caption below it
Which D&D Class Should You Play? - The Dungeon Hacker
a wooden table topped with a glass top covered in gummy bears