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Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup Recipe - Dish

Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup Recipe - Although there are many variations - noodles, a soup and wonton dumplings are the basic items that make up this dish. Read how to prepare.

Beef and water chestnut patties in sweet and sour sauce recipe

Beef & water chestnut patties in sweet & sour sauce, Serve as a delicious main meal. Alternatively, serve patties on cocktail sticks with a sweet & sour sauce as the dipping sauce. Read how to prepare.

Steamed Pork Omelette Recipe - Chinese Dish

Steamed Pork Omelette Recipe is a simple home-style Cantonese meal which involves one step in preparation and steaming. It will be a favourite for kids who love eggs.

Temaki Zushi Recipe - Japanese Dish | Asian Inspirations

Temaki Zushi Recipe - Similar to sushi rolls, these hand rolls can also be made at home. Stuff with your favourite fillings;

Fish Dumplings Recipe - Thai Dumplings | Asian Inspirations

Chinese Fried Rice Recipe - A classic deluxe fried rice that is both quick and easy to prepare! The sausage and the spicy seafood sauce add a distinctive flavour to this simple dish.

Eight Treasures Fortune Bag Recipe - Asian Inspirations

The number Eight is favoured in the Chinese culture. Filled with chicken, prawn and vegetables, these delicious fortune bags are the perfect festive treasures!

Steamed Seafood Curry Cake Recipe - Asian Inspirations

Steamed Seafood Curry Cake is Called Ho Mok in Thai, this is a very traditional North Eastern Thai dish, influenced by Laos. Traditionally this dish is served in banana leaves shaped into boats or in mussel shells. Try the Steamed Seafood Curry Cake!

Crispy Vegetable and Noodle Pancake Recipe

Cripsy vegetable and noodle pancake recipe, Remotely resembling an okonomiyaki (pronounced oko-nomi-yaki) - a Japanese savoury pancake, this one-plate dish is filled with colourful vegetables.

Dough Balls Bolognese

Dough Balls Bolognese *This looks easy and yummy. I would use extra lean beef or venison.