Cobb Dip. This is one of our FAVORITES!

ricotta 1 spoon mirin 1 package Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix 1 c. chopped Romaine lettuce 1 Roma tomato, chopped ½ c. shredded cheddar cheese ½ c. grilled corn ¼ c. Beef jerky grilled and minced (Blue Cheese Crumbles)

Rolo Turtles: I make these every christmas to add more to my christmas goodie plates! So easy! Cover baking sheet with foil, top each pretzel with a rolo, bake at 200 for 3 minutes, then press a pecan on top when it's warm n gooey! DIY chocolate turtle!

Rolo Turtles: I have been making these for years and they are great. Start with the square butter pretzels, add a rolo candy on top. Place in microwave for about 15 seconds and them press a pecan onto the soft rolo candy.

Let me just start out by saying that this goes down a little too easily! I highly recommend making lots of friends around the campsite and sharing this tasty little beverage. Especially if you plan to eat any of the fruit, a cup or two will be plenty. Trust me. OK, so this recipe is […]

Where was this all those years ago when camping with the kids? We used to keep Jug wine in the creek. Make camping sangria concentrate using a mason jar. (recipe after the jump) - Camping Hacks

Butter Tart Squares: the easiest way to homemade butter tart flavour! If you've never had a butter tart, you NEED to try these. Perfect for your fall or Christmas baking!

Butter Tart Squares: rich, sugary filling on top of a buttery shortbread crust. Just like a butter tart but so much easier! If you've never had a butter tart, you need to try these From: Recipe Rebel, please visit

NO BAKE - Pineapple, Cream Cheese & Pecan Snowballs - 1 pkg (8z) softened cream cheese, 1 can (8oz) drained crushed pineapple,1 C chopped pecans,   3 C flaked coconut:  Mix cream cheese & pineapple then fold in pecans. Cover & chill 1 hr. Roll into 1" balls; then roll the balls in the coconut. Chill 4 hrs or overnight.

No Bake Cream Cheese & Coconut Snowballs

NO BAKE CREAM CHEESE COCONUT SNOWBALLS 1 package ounces) cream cheese, softened. 1 can ounces) crushed pineapple, well drained. In a small bowl, beat.

Kid-Friendly Halloween Monster Donuts | @spicyperspectiv

Halloween Monster Donuts

Fun Halloween Monster Donuts - Simple halloween treats using store-bought doughnuts, frosting, sprinkles, and plastic vampire fangs. Kids love to make