Tanesha Gurule

Tanesha Gurule

Joliet / Be thankful for every heart broken, every scar, for some pages turned, some bridges burned - For there were lessons learned
Tanesha Gurule
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Simple home remedies to fight bronchitis and prevent this disease.

Learn how a Bloodclot in your lung can cause serious medical problems. Learn the signs and symptoms of pulmonary embolism and what the causes are.

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"Jungle River" by National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting ~~ River in the lowland rainforest, Danum Valley, Borneo in Southeast Asia. The majestic and stately forest is accentuated by towering dipterocarp trees that reach heights of 200 feet.

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I have very dry hair and skin from a low active thyroid, and I was always cold. My skin is moist and smooth, and Im not so cold anymore. My nails are less brittle and my hair dosent snap off from dryness.

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See- this pisses me off. When I have kids, if I have girls, I won't get them barbies. THIS is another reason why girls are growing up with image problems and anorexia and shit like that! so sad.

simply awesome

Choose a cowgirl vest from Cavender's' selection of western vests for women, and you'll look as great as you feel. A vest is a great way to warm up a bit or add western style to your outfit.

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butterfly cupcakes- pretzel-winged butterflies take flight; their bodies -- piped dots of blue buttercream -- end in candy-coated- chocolate heads and licorice antennae. Optional: dip pretzels in white chocolate first then sprinkle with colored sugar.