To be fair, it's more being a fan than being Canadian, but I'm pretty sure it would more likely to be a Canadian's first guess than any other nationality's.

My mom's freezer looked just like this. And the barn door, and the neighbours garage door, and the wall in the hay loft.


way-Eve Clermont Lohman I couldn't resist, it was Canadian and had Robin Sparkles!

Canadian humor

Funny pictures about When a Canadian gets angry. Oh, and cool pics about When a Canadian gets angry. Also, When a Canadian gets angry.


Only if we land on something or bump it on the way down. I apologized to a parking meter I bumped in to the other day.

I love being Canadian!! Yes, they let the bars open and serve beer at 7:00am because of the Olympics!! What a cool country I live in!

The bars were allowed to open at in alberta. Extra transit and taxi services were added and everything. All for a hockey game. I LOVE CANADA!