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We are very different in many ways, but we are all alike in our regard and care for each other, and in our desire for peace, love, and understanding. The women…
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an image of the letter t in front of a stylized design with two eyes on it
Gray Ajah Logo
an image of the letter t in front of a stylized design with two eyes on it
Gray Ajah Logo
Six different images showing baby animals. We have two baby owls, a baby goose, a baby otter, a baby koala, a baby bear, and a baby maned fox! Baby Animals, Inspired, Match, Call
When a new aspirant joins Gray, they are given a baby animal that is inspired by that aspirant. We call them Graytlings! Can you match the Graytling to their Sedai/aspirant?
Five Grays standing together facing the camera. They are all wearing t-shirts saying "Survivor of Maas Destruction". Text reads: The NSFW Book Club. Reading, Book Club, Read News, No Drama, Sarah J Maas, Olds, Crescent City, Survivor
The NSFW Book Club
The Gray Ajah hosts an open book club where we read new and old fantasy together - most recently, we've been reading Sarah J Maas' Crescent City books!
Five images showing different Grays getting pied. Some are wearing raincoats or shower caps as protection. One images shows a Gray hugging pie tins. Text reads: The Pie-ing. A long standing Grayt tradition.
A long standing Gray Ajah tradition is pie-ing our new initiates (with their previous consent, of course)! It's safe to say the Grays have a thing for pies, so what's your favourite pie? Have you ever been pied?
There are five images showing a group of Gray Ajah members playing board games and hanging out. Text reads: Graycation.
The Gray Ajah started a new tradition last year - Graycation. We got together for an amazing time playing board games, going to see a band, and having grayt food!
Gray background with darker gray dots and patches. There is a picture of six Gray Aes Sedai and Aspirants. They are all facing the camera and smiling. Three on each side of a banner with the scale from TarValon.Net's Gray Ajah's logo and the text "The Gray Ajah". Text above the picture reads: Gray Ajah Open Chat. This Sunday in the Tower Discord!
Gray Ajah Open Chat
Get an inside look at the shenanigans of the Gray Ajah - join us this week for an open chat! There will also be an open chat for members all week in Gray Discord. Reach out to a Gray Sedai or Aspirant for the link. Hope to see you there!
Gray background dotted with a darker gray, the dark gray is also at the bottom. In the middle is the TarValon.Net's Gray Ajah logo; a white circle with white petals and a scale in the middle. Text reads: Social Media Takeover! The Gray Ajah. Social Media, Group, Members, Drama, Net, Media, 20 Years
Introducing the Gray Ajah
Since it's founding over 20 years ago, TarValon.Net has changed and evolved, as have our members. For the first half of 2024 we will be focusing on our members as we let each membership group do a social media takeover for one week! First one out is the Gray Ajah!
Dress Selina by Azinovic on deviantART Medieval Dress, The Dress, Medieval Clothing, Cosplay, Fantasy Gowns, Medieval Gown, Fantasy Dress, Historical Dresses, Renaissance Clothing
Dress Selina by Azinovic on DeviantArt
Dress Selina by Azinovic on deviantART
a collage of photos with text and images
Tribute to the Grey Ajah of the White Tower - The Wheel Of Time Series.
the brown - ajah tarvalon net logo with two flags and a tree
Community Page: Gray Ajah HQ
The Gray Ajah is a very diverse and very close group of women here at Our members are scattered around the world, in South Africa, Australia, Israel, Serbia, Sweden, Scotland, Bulgaria, England, Canada, France, Belgium and the USA.
Gray Ajah by minniearts - Wheel of Time The Fault In Our Stars, Writing, Films, Turnings, Good Books, The Infernal Devices, Book Worth Reading, Words
Gray Ajah by minniearts on DeviantArt
Gray Ajah by minniearts - Wheel of Time