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Greens at TarValon.Net are all about passion and strength. Green passion is giving everything you have to everything to do. Green strength is about speaking up…
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two crossed swords on top of each other over a green leaf with the word x in it
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a green sticker with the words green anan on it and a silhouette of a wizard
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an advertisement for morrgana's green cloak
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"I afraid I'm not exactly who your looking, boys." She said without turning around. They laughed. "Unless you're looking for trouble." "Ohhh! Well put my la-" His words died in his throat. Seconds later, the other two men had arrows protruding from them as well. The lady turned and began to walk away. Just then the archer jumped out of the trees in her path. "You're not even gonna thank me? What a shame!" The handsome man greeted her. "I had the situation well in control. Away with you."
another pinner: Lovely green wool cotehardie. Link has photos of various stages of construction Medieval Clothing, Cosplay, Medieval Dress, Medieval Costume, Historical Dresses, Medieval Fashion, Medieval Clothes, 14th Century Clothing, Historical Costume
A Green Medieval Cote
another pinner: Lovely green wool cotehardie. Link has photos of various stages of construction
a painting of a woman in a green dress holding an orange object with her hand
Green Ajah
The Green Ajah of the Aes Sedai holds itself ready for Tarmon Gai'don, for the final battle between good and evil when the Dark One inevitably breaks free from his prison. They were called the "Battle Ajah" during the Trolloc Wars and are excellent generals who can plan effective battle strategies. They bond as many Warders as they wish, and have been on friendly terms with the Blue Ajah for a millenium. The head of the Green Ajah is known as the Captain-General.
a green poster with the words stand ready protector, battle warrior, and crescent on it
Green Ajah by minniearts on DeviantArt
Green Ajah by minniearts - Wheel of Time
a woman in a green dress holding fire
Kiyosa Aes Sedai Commission by merely-A on DeviantArt
Kiyosa Aes Sedai Commission by on @DeviantArt
a green shawl with a crescent on it
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Green Ajah Aes Sedai Wheel of Time Inspired by enchantedkingdom
the green ajh tarvalon net logo with two swords on top of it
Community Page: Green Ajah HQ
"In the Trolloc Wars we were often called the Battle Ajah. We were the counter to the Dreadlords. And now we stand ready, for the Trollocs to come south again, for Tarmon Gai’don, the Last Battle. That is what it means to be Green."
a woman holding a flag on top of a hill
The-Wheel-of-Time DeviantArt Gallery
Wheel of Time
a collage of photos with green and gold accents, including an image of a woman wearing
Tribute to the Green Ajah of the White Tower - The Wheel Of Time Series.