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A simple vector type drawing on a map with a path drawn and an X spot. Text reads: Quests. Taylor Swift, Swift, Community, Company, Spread, Mdd, Confusion, Boards, Favorite
MDD Takeover 2024
A great MDD tradition is sending Aspirants on quests, usually to spread confusion on the boards. Do you have a good Aspirant quest story? My favourite involves Alexr and Taylor Swift 😆
Four images showing MDD shawls and MDD Gaidin. The shawls are identical; a red fox head on a silver shawl with dark blue fringe. The Gaidin are showing off their shawl at various Tower events. Sayings, Shawls, Canning, Aes, Tower
MDD Takeover 2024
Who says only Aes Sedai can have shawls?
Text written over the MDD logo; a silver fox on a white circle surrounded by dark blue petals. Text reads: “Fiercely independent, Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb, the Seekers of the Wind are thus called because of their carefree attitude, and the need they have to roam. Just as you could not chain the wind, nor could you easily hold a member of Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb.” -Sataere Thruthheim on MDD. Quotes, Great Quotes, Quote, Index, Page, One
MDD Takeover 2024
A great quote from one of our MDD Gaidin!
a blue and white poster with a cat on it
MDD Takeover 2024
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb, The Seekers of the Wind, is one of the four Warder companies we have on TarValon.Net. What better day to start their takeover week than on April 1st? 🦊
a cat that is standing in front of a blue flower
Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb Logo