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Recipes Instant Pot Got an Instant Pot and feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Sharing a simple guide that shares step by step help for how to use your Instant Pot.

Meditar ayuda al cuerpo, al alma y al espíritu, brindándonos la capacidad de actuar de una manera mejor en nuestras vidas cada día

Meditation is gaining popularity for its ability to improve overall well being of the mind, body and soul. We know it can make us feel happier but did you know it can actually make us healthier? Here are the most common health benefits of meditation.

You planted herbs with the kids, and they're growing like mad -- now what? Here are some suggestions for preserving them!

Jamie Oliver went into a grade classroom and held up common everyday veggies. Not one six year old student could recognize what these common vegetables are. We encourage kids to get involved with the cooking process.