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Love the entire look. I would try the night moth liner by mac and my bottletop bosenberry lipstick or any deep/purple burgundy color to complete the lip look. log onto to www.btblounge.com to checkout our new lip colors

Brown Eyes Makeup Look~Fall Lipstick Shade Stunning Neutral Smokey Eye+ Dark Lip Color Makeup by elymarino

Black and gold glitter nail art! / Awe Fashion Success Nails Inspiration

14 Cool Images of Gold Nail Designs. White and Gold Nail Design Gold Nail Art Designs Cute Nail Designs with Gold Black & Gold Nail Design Gold Glitter Nail Design

Core Exercises with Weights: Single-Arm Sit-Up - Abs Workout Plan: 6 Weight Exercises to Get a Six-Pack - Shape Magazine

Core Exercises with Weights: Straight-Arm Climb - 6 Moves for a Rock-Solid Stomach - Shape Magazine - Page 6

Oil Pastel Resist Halloween Art

a faithful attempt: Oil Pastel Resist Halloween Art chalk lines, then oil pastel, then black acrylic, then wash grade art project idea lesson

Leaves using black glue and watercolors.

Use some black paint to turn glue black and make your own stained glass pictures. When the black glue dries you can use watercolors to paint the rest of the picture.

Interesting spider webs. Here is how it was done. First they drew the spider web using white oil pastels on white paper and then painted the whole page with blue water color. The wash made the web highly visible. Next, they traced/cut circles for the spider’s head and body. For the final touch, they used a cardboard edge dipped in black paint for the legs.

drew web with white oil pastel on white paper. painted over it with a water color wash.

Draw houses on watercolor paper, maybe using a few example of houses. Start with the basic shape, a rectangle or square, then choose a triangular or rectangular roof. Start by coloring the moon and windows with yellow oil pastels. Then fill in the silhouettes with black oil pastel. This is using Prang Watercolors. Suggestion is to limit them to 2 colors only. Any more than that turns in to a mess.

HALLOWEEN ART LESSON- Spooky Houses in Watercolor & Oil Pastel. Here's a great Halloween art lesson for any grade level. These Spooky Houses can be easily adapted for grade and up.

Smokey gold.

EYES - Today's Look : "Smokey Gold" -Linda Hallberg (The name says it all. a smoked out gold look, very versatile. featuring the NYX Eyeshadow palette C'est la vie)

How to Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks Safely (with Pictures) | eHow

How to bake salmon in under 30 minutes with few ingredients. Get crispy yet moist salmon each and every time!

Best thing all day LOL!

A fact of life: After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says WTF . What I'm just sayin

no woman ever shot a man while he was washing dishes

No woman has ever shot a man while he was washing the dishes {frame and hang near the kitchen sink!