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Thanks to reddit user /u/AxelAraatus we have colour samples for all the recipes! For a detailed guide to dye production, have a look at our dyeing tutorial. Black 2 Mejoberries A Waterskin 15 Narcoberry 2 Charcoal Brown 2 Mejoberries A Waterskin 6 Amarberry 3 Azulberry 9 Tintoberry 2 Charcoal Blue 2 Mejoberries A Waterskin 15 …

Dye Recipes Cheatsheet - With Colour Samples - ARK: Survival Evolved

We used an existing wood stove and plugged it into a much larger brick heat exchange mass in order to heat a greenhouse and extend the gardening season.

Rocket Mass Heater at Oasis Design, built by Art Ludwig & friends - photo by Max Edleson Max Edleson - Hand Print Press