Located on 100 acres in the picturesque town of Port Hope, Ontario, Trinity College School balances historic beauty with state-of-the-art facilities.
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two people standing on the front steps of a white house with green doors and windows
Health Centre
The TCS health centre offers comprehensive health care and education to all students within a framework of professionalism and sensitivity. Our holistic approach to health care encompasses both physical and mental well-being. A nurse is available 24 hours each day school is in session. The health centre is located on the south end of campus, across Ward Street.
an art studio filled with people working on their paintings and drawing in front of them
Visual Arts Wing
Opened in September 2011, the Visual Arts Wing is the home of the Senior School visual arts program. At nearly 10,000 square feet, the facility has several "green" building features and includes two state-of-the-art studios on the main level, additional studio and classroom space on the lower level, and a gallery space.
a living room filled with furniture and windows
Trinity House
Trinity House was among the "new" buildings constructed following the fire of 1928 which destroyed much of the School. Its historic features include wood panelled walls, ornate windows and a large fireplace.
an old brick house with ivy growing on it's roof and front door is shown
Petry House
Built in 1903, Petry House is named after Dr. H.J.H. Petry, who was a classics teacher at the School for 23 years. It is now home to the School's finance office. Petry House is located on the southwest corner of campus, at the corner of Deblaquire Street North and Ward Street.
a large cross in the middle of a grassy area
Memorial Cross
Erected in 1922, the Memorial Cross was first known as the Wayward Cross. A gift of the Ladies' Guild (now the TCS Parents' Guild), the cross was created in memory of Old Boys who lost their lives in World War 1. Each year, the School's Remembrance Day service concludes at the Memorial Cross.
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Life Sciences Building
The Life Sciences Building is home to the biology classrooms, the Grade 9 and 10 science classrooms and the computer studies department.
there are many trophies on the table next to a framed photo and an award plaque
John D. Burns Archives
In May 2005, the John D. Burns Archives at Trinity College School were officially opened. Named in honour of John D. Burns, former master and School archivist, the archives are located on the third floor of the W.A. Johnson Classroom Block. The collections consist of school publications, newspapers and articles written about the School, photographs, artefacts and more, dating back to the School's founding in 1865.
girls playing volleyball in a gym during the day
Indoor Athletic Facilties
Trinity College School's athletic facilties and amenities offered in and around the campus include an indoor swimming pool and a standalone hockey arena, the upper and lower gyms as well as the Arnold Massey '55 Athletic Centre. The athletic centre is home to five squash courts, three gymnasiums (one single and one double gym), a cardio & resistance training facility and athletic therapy clinic.
four people sitting on couches with laptops in front of them, all looking at the same person
Day Student Houses
Trinity College School has ten houses, four of which are day student houses: Orchard, Wright, Hodgetts and Rigby, each named after former headmasters or teachers at the School. Orchard House (boys) and Wright House (girls) were established in 2002, and share a locker area and lounge in LeVan Hall. Hodgetts House (boys) and Rigby House (girls) were established in 1985 and 1996 and share a locker area and lounge in the Life Sciences Building.
a group of people sitting around each other in a room with couches and tables
Davies Student Centre
The Davies Student Centre is located under Osler Hall, and is the lounge for the entire Senior School student body. The student centre is a gift from Elaine and Michael Davies '55, whose children and grandchildren have attended TCS.
people are sitting on couches and tables in an open area with fireplaces, televisions, and large windows
Cirne Hall
Cirne Hall includes the Senior School Library, guidance, academic support and administration areas, as well as a welcoming main entrance and a large, open area - Cirne Commons - at the heart of the School. The commons area acts as a "living room" to the School, with a massive fireplace inviting students and staff to spend time relaxing, reading and socializing. It is also the site of large and small-group activities.
an indoor basketball court with wood flooring
Athletic Centre
Completed for the start of the 2017-2018 school year, the 40,000-square-foot Arnold Massey '55 Athletic Centre includes two gymnasiums (one double and one single gymnasium), two additional squash courts (for a total of five), cardio and resistance training centre, athletic therapy clinic, classrooms, change rooms and more.
an empty room with large windows and doors leading to the outside area, in front of a brick building
Administration Offices
The administration offices, originally constructed in 1968, were completely renovated and reopened in November 2015 within Cirne Hall. This space includes the headmaster's office, guidance, academic support and admissions departments, as well as our welcoming main reception. This facility is fully accessbile and also features state-of-the-art technology and sustainability features.
two people are sitting in chairs and one is using a laptop computer while the other looks on
Senior School Library
A major feature of Cirne Hall, the Senior School library was completely renovated in 2015. It is a common study and lounge area for students with desks for silent studying and group work, and couches for reading and relaxing. New additions include a comfortable, glass-enclosed reading room, as well as enhanced technology features including cieling-mounted projectors. The School's librarians help guide students through the extensive collection of research books, novels and online resources.
a tennis court with two benches in the foreground and trees on the other side
Outdoor Athletic Facilities
Trinity College School's 100-acre campus includes nine full-sized playing fields for football, soccer, field hockey, rugby and cricket. The campus includes a country setting allowing for cross-country running and skiing in and around the area. In September 2010, the new Arnold Massey '55 Tennis Centre officially opened, including four courts and gardens. Students also have access to athletic facilities just off-campus, such as nearby baseball diamonds used by the baseball and softball teams.