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three different types of beaded items on a pink and blue tablecloth with hearts
Plastic Canvas
Mini Mugs & Hearts: January to March
a crocheted coffee cup with a red heart in the middle on a pink and white background
Plastic Canvas Pattern Page: february Mini Mug and Heart 2 Designs, Graphs and Photos, No Written Instructions PATTERN ONLY - Etsy
Plastic Canvas Pattern Page: February Mini Mug and | Etsy
a close up of a piece of paper with flowers on it and an object in the middle
Pre Cut Plastic Canvas Present - Etsy Canada
pre cut plastic canvas present
three pieces of plastic sitting on top of a wooden table with the letters effp spelled in red
Free plastic canvas pattern for Mailbox ornaments. end pieces are 7x7; bottom 17x7 and top 17x20 hole. Decorate anyway you choose. I'm using initials on one side and the year on the other. Grandkids names are to long to spell out.
a knitted ornament hanging from a christmas tree with red and white trim