Students learn about the elements of dance.

Introducing dance to and graders. Learn how to introduce the 2 elements of dance, body movement and space, to young students.

Make musicals with nursery rhymes.

Teaching music to middle school students is fun and challenging. Here is a project music teachers can incorporate into their classroom that involves student choice, group work and skill development to build a musical.

In this lesson students learn about Haiku poems with art and technology.

Teaching students to interpret poetry using music, art and technology. Here's a lesson that helps elementary school teachers introduce poetry to young students in a fun and engaging way.

Use art to teach about simple machines. #artsed #science

Great ideas for teaching simple machines to elementary school students. By using movement, visual arts and technology, teaching students about simple machines can be fun and educational.

Simple ways to integrate art into your lessons.

First grade teacher Jane Fung shares several easy-to-replicate ideas for incorporating the Arts into the subjects she teaches throughout the day.

Vocabulary + Modern Dance

Introduction of Modern Dance vocabulary to high school students. Watch a comprehensive video of Ms. Martin teaching students about the origins of Modern Dance, and then introducing them to vocabulary and concepts around Modern dance.

Students design and build their own skateboards - you'll love it!

Art Skateboards: An Integrated Program. Engage at-risk students in skateboard construction. How does the skateboard program increase student confidence and engagement in school?

Communication Through Movement & Dance - Develop non-verbal expression and communication using dance and movement

Non-verbal communication and expression have an impact on how students are perceived. Learn how you can teach your young students about non-verbal communication in any learning environment.

Music instruction complements students’ learning

Music Fundamentals to Enhance Student Learning - Music instruction complements and extends students’ academic learning

Students work in groups to compose a fanfare using only 3 notes.

Linking music to a history lesson is a great way to reinforce learning topics. This music lesson is built around students making their own tudor fanfare. Students work in groups to get the most out of this music lesson.

Watch how this teacher creates her lessons based on her students interests. Keeping them engaged and motivated.

Incorporating learning goals and student interests to help at risk students learn and succeed. Watch as Ms. Dwyer teaches a visual art lesson to at risk high school students, bringing in aspects of civic responsibility.