Maxine King

Maxine King

I love my Bichon,gardening,and essential oils,i'm a distributator ,#2785137,one of Gods greatest gifts to us!Check out the seed to seal oils
Maxine King
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Hermit's Cove local information and maps. Hermit's Cove is a cove(s) in Newfoundland, Canada, North America.

Apple Pie Jam

Although I've been canning for years, I've never found a good apple jam recipe, so I created this one. My husband of 41 years and I love this jam so much because it tastes just like apple pie…without the crust!

My next endeavor! Everyone is getting something in a jar for Christmas... fair warning :)

This is from BHAndG canning book. Hot pepper jelly is fantastic on wheat crackers with cream cheese. I also like to use them as a base for a basting glaze on meats.

Learn how to make traditional old-fashioned jam's like a pro. These 10 troubleshooting tips will help you turn out perfect and delicious homemade jam and jelly for your family.

Making homemade jam and jelly at home is something every homesteader should know how to do. It helps preserve our fruit for year round eating, doesn't contain h(.

Rhubarb Strawberry Jam | "This rhubarb strawberry jam recipe is our favorite and so easy to make."

The appearance of rhubarb and strawberries in the garden or at farmers' markets means it's canning season again. Make this strawberry-rhubarb jam for special breakfasts or to give away.

Rosemary Rhubarb Jam- Putting Up with Erin

Happy happenings to all the moms out there. I don't know about you, but not only did I hang with mom today (bloody mary's included), but she motivated me t

Old fashioned English Bread Pudding, just like nana used to make!

Old fashioned English Bread Pudding, just like nana used to make!