The Remote Control Helium Filled Air Shark

The Air Shark - Hammacher Schlemmer. This would be fun to have hovering over the pool during swim lessons

The Labyrinthine Piggy Bank $39.95

It's not actually a pig, but it is pretty cool.The Labyrinthine Piggy Bank - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Remote Control Helium Filled Air Shark Remote

Ever heard the saying fish out of water,how about shark out of water, well now you can have just that and more with the Helium Filled Air Shark.

Mr. Potato Head Classic Darth Tater

Attention potato heads, there is a new potato in town and his name is Darth Tater. Introducing the latest Mr Potato Head Classic Darth Tater.

Toysmith 4M Tin Can Robot

Tin Can Robot - - Turn a metal can into a walking, wobbling, bog-eyed robot that can move. It can be transformed to become a robotic monster too. Cans can be cool! Kit includes parts and