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Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed Includes a Massage Chair and Bluetooth Speakers - The Flighter

Always wanted a piece of furniture that could replace all others in the room? Look no further than the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed. Not..

C-SEED M1 is the World's First Foldable 165" MicroLED TV - The Flighter

C-SEED is known for their larger-than-life home theater offerings, and their latest project, the foldable M1 microLED TV, is definitely no...

Voyager Station Space Hotel Could Open in 2025 - The Flighter

We have seen the future of tourism, and it includes a space station hotel by the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC). Called Voyager Station...

Fliteboard Series 2 Electric Hydrofoil is Great for Tricks - The Flighter

The electric hydrofoil is still a relatively new technology, compared to standard surfboards and what not, but the Fliteboard Series 2 aims to

Kelley Aerospace Unveils Arrow, a Supersonic Combat Drone That Can Hit 1,500MPH

Kelley Aerospace unveiled Arrow earlier this week, their supersonic unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) concept. To date, the company claims to have already received 100 “pre-orders” for the drone, which will be manufactured at their facility in Singpaore’s Seletar Aerospace Park. In addition to its

Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa Begins dearMoon Project to Recruit People for First Lunar Mission Aboard SpaceX Starship

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has started the dearMoon Project, opening the application process for eight civilians to join a week-long expedition to fly by the Moon on SpaceX's Starship in 2023. This trip for the lucky few that are chosen will be funded entirely by Maezawa, who leads this mis

Samsung's Unbox & Discover Event Showcased New MicroLED Sets, Here's a First Look

Samsung Electronics hosted virtual Unbox & Discover event today to showcase its 2021 lineup of microLED, QLED, lifestyle TVs, monitors, and soundbars. These latest innovations are aimed at consumers to help them get the most from their screens, enabling them to work efficiently, communicate effectiv

What It's Like Playing Pokemon Go with the Microsoft HoloLens 2 Headset

In the near future, Microsoft Mesh will allow you to play Pokemon Go with a holographic friend, and to show how this experience might be, Niantic CEO John Hanke joined Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman at a San Francisco park. Hanke then went on to demonstrate a version of Pokemon Go that works

Microsoft Mesh Mixed Reality Platform Takes Augmented Reality to the Next Level

Microsoft Mesh, a software platform that will enable users to work and play together virtually by interacting with the same set of holograms on devices at various price points and from different manufacturers, takes augmented reality to the next level. Whether it be HoloLens goggles, Facebook’s Ocul

DJI Reveals New FPV (First-Person View) Racing Drone That Can Hit 87MPH, Here's an Early Review

DJI's FPV Combo is all-new and seamlessly combines the first-person view as well as the high-speed performance of racing drones, the cinematic camera sweep of traditional drones, and an innovative single-handed motion controller. That's right, the latter enables pilots to control the drone with just

Rocket Lab Unveils Neutron, a Reusable 8-Ton Class Rocket Designed for Human Spaceflight

Rocket Lab has just unveiled plans for its Neutron rocket, an advanced 8-ton payload class launch vehicle designed for mega-constellation deployment, interplanetary missions and human spaceflight. It will build upon the success of its reliable workhorse Electron launch vehicle, which is being used t

Custom Monochrome mATX O11 PC Build Ditches the RGB Lights for a Stealthy Look

Sure, RGB lighting makes a computer really stand out, but if you wanted a more stealthy look, this monochrome build in a LIAN LI O11 Mini case should do the trick. Featuring an ASRock X299M Extreme 4 motherboard, Intel i9 10900X processor, 32GB of G.SKILL Trident Z 3200Mhz RAM, two NVIDIA RTX 2080 T

This is the World's Only Baby Yoda (The Child) in Floating Hover Pram

Mattel Creations teamed up with ProjectArt to create a The Child plush, complete with a show-like version of his levitating pram inspired by The Mandalorian series. Mattel Designer Michael Kadile led this project and the pram levitates around 2.5-inches above the base. When The Child is placed insid

Canon's New Posture Fit Camera Looks Like an Egg, Helps You Maintain Good Posture

Canon is best known for their optical,imaging, medical equipment, scanners, and industrial products, but once in a while, they'll release something that thinks outside the box, like Posture Fit. Put simply, this egg-shaped device is used to monitor just how long one sits at a desk, and if that durat

Streetwear Collective RTFKT Creates 3D-Printed Sneaker Inspired by the 2021 Lexus IS 350 F Sport

Streetwear collective RTFKT partnered with Lexus to create a pair of sneakers inspired by the auto manufacturer's 2021 IS 350 F Sport Dynamic Handling Package. The team modeled the shoe after the car's athletic stance, slim headlights, carbon fiber spoiler and even its bold color schemes. Artists fi

This is Not the Real Tom Cruise, Just a Very Realistic AI Deepfake

At first glance, this actor may actually be able to convince people on social media that it's actually Tom Cruise, but upon closer inspection, you'll realize it's just a very realistic deepfake. The voice acting is almost near perfect, although some parts aren't properly synced. Where artificial int