ELP Laser Turntable

Arquivo Confidencial: ELP Laser Turntable - Toca-Discos de Vinil a Laser

Tech Tuesday: App Preview - Otoharmonics Tinnitus Relief.  System promises to provide relief to tinnitus sufferers.

Known to most people as ringing in the ears, tinnitus can be a major distraction. Otoharmonics has developed a therapy system that promises tinnitus relief.

Tech Tuesday: Toronto's New Streetcars are really cool.

Toronto is home to a fleet of streetcars that provide excellent coverage of the downtown core. A project that will replace the fleet with new streetcars.

HitchBOT makes his way across Canada

A Canadian hitchhiking robot was destroyed by some jerk in Philadelphia, but the team behind the project is staying positive.

13 records for a penny at Columbia House

Columbia House Record and Tape Club. I remember this. Sounded too good to be true

Tech Tuesday: Add Bluetooth to Your Car

Tech Tuesday: Add Bluetooth to Your Car - This Busy Life

Tech Tuesday: Check out Norway's awesome Trampe CycloCable Bike Lift - This Busy Life

The Trampe CycloCable bike lift will convince you that Norway is pretty awesome. Built in it has to be the coolest way to get your bike up a steep hill.

Tech Tuesday: August Smart Lock is a new part of the #InternetOfThings

August has developed a smart lock that could change the way you access your home. The smart lock communicates with smartphones to enable keyless access.

Tech Tuesday: ecobee Smart WiFi Thermostat adds heat to the smart thermostat market.

The Candian smart wifi thermostat solves a problem that many homes have: one or more rooms that are too hot or too cold.

Tech Tuesday: Flying Cars

The Terrafugia Transition unfolds its wings at the Lawrence Municipal Airport in North Andover, Mass.

Tech Tuesday: Cool, Cooler, Coolest

Cooler with usb port, detachable speakers that pair with your smart phone, and blender for crushed ice drinks, cutting board and knife, and built in bottle opener what more could you want out of a cooler? Wow didn't even know they made such a thing

10 major auto makers have committed to making automatic brakes a standard feature on all new cars

Tech Tuesday: Automatic Brakes Soon To Be Standard Equipment - This Busy Life