#Help4theHolidays and @LondonDrugs

Canon EF IS USM Lens - love this lens. It's my favorite everyday walk-about lens. It is on my camera of the time.

#Help4theHolidays and @LondonDrugs

Canon Cinema - More than just a camera, the and PL* cameras mark the beginning of a whole new system for the motion picture industry. Form factor, ergonomics, image processing and lenses - re-imagined to tailor the experience of shooting t

Canon EOS 6D with 24-105mm Lens - Black  #Help4theHolidays  @LondonDrugs

New Canon EOS full frame SLR, featuring WiFi GPS with sensor. It connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone to fully managed all functions including shutter and liveview!

Opus Deluxe 500 Flash Kit - H50088  #Help4theHolidays @LondonDrugs

Opus Deluxe 500 Flash Kit - H50088 #Help4theHolidays @LondonDrugs

#Help4theHolidays and @LondonDrugs

Sigma Corporation of America