I'm not Canadian but my relatives are.and this truly is hardcore Canadian


The compelling Inukshuk as photographed in Nunavut by George Lessard. A stone landmark or cairn used by the Inuit as a landmark.

the only way to travel

The toboggan slide near the historic landmark Frontenac Hotel (Quebec City, Canada)

Beaver cupcakes

Beaver Cupcakes- Perfect for Canada day!I hate Canada Day.(I have my reasons)

Peggys Point Lighthouse

Peggys Point Lighthouse located on the eastern shore of St. Margarets Bay Halifax Regional Municipality Nova Scotia Canada Been here. We've done most of the lighthouses in Nova Scotia and the Door in WI, as well as a few on North Carolina's barrier.

The Highway of Heroes

The stretch of highway 401 running from Trenton Ontario in remembrance of Canada's fallen soldiers. The soldiers are taken from Canada Forces Base (Trenton) to their final resting place.

whats the difference??

Seriously, why isn't there a Canadian English option? (Yes, it's fairly close to both, especially British English, but I think we should have our own setting too!

How Stereotypically Canadian Are You?

How Stereotypically Canadian Are You?

Funny pictures about Sorry. Can't hear you over my free health care. Can't hear you over my free health care. Can't hear you over my free health care.

never knew

Fun fact about Canada. It has more lakes than the rest of the world combined!