As a traditional editor SAHCO offers sophisticated decoration and upholstery fabrics, sheers, wallcoverings, rugs as well as accessories for exclusive interiors.

No.9 - Jim Thompson Fabrics

Jim Thompson - From its humble beginnings as a small silk-weaving project in Jim Thompson has evolved into a maker of premium textiles, created by some of today's most influential designers.

Shop Brands, Jean Paul Gaultier, Spring 2016, Indoor Outdoor, Zen, Tapestry

SAHCO Home Collection 2015 - with fascinating reinterpretations of selected fabrics from the 2015 Collection.

St Jean De -  Luz

Reference : A supple jacquard fabric inspired by the Basque Country courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier, the checked design and colors are simple yet sophisticated for light upholstery and curtains.

The Porter Teleo family of acrylic fabrics from Perennials Fabrics.


L'Atelier de la Marquise aime : Sonya Rykiel pour Lelièvre - Collection n° 4 Arty

L'Atelier de la Marquise aime : Sahco - Collections Lucio, Attilio, Tarquinio et Ombra


Reference : The traditional fresh patterns of azulejos, the painted and patterned tiles from Spain and Portugal, are transformed onto this supple jacquard fabric for upholstery or beautiful curtains.


From the Gaultier Spring Collection, The Vogue fabrics including Sable, Laque, and Azur.

The Brook Wallpaper 'The Brook' on a beige background is inspired by medieval tapestries. This has been newly created by Morris & Co.’s designer Alison Gee.