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the book will grab you from the first character to the very end
A Fantasy Adventure You Don't Want to Miss!!
A Saxon spy is on the run with a secret that will destroy King Arthur. But will he escape in time to tell it? Deep in enemy territory, and with Camelot's forces at his heels, the last thing Viggo expects is help. But when Violet Demeray offers it, despite having everything to lose, she arouses his suspicions. Despite his best efforts, Viggo becomes embroiled in her own secrets while he tries to flee with his own. Then one truth changes his life forever, and Viggo is left to decide what his secret - and his freedom - is ultimately worth. With 10 beautiful illustrations, and unforgettable characters, this romantic fantasy adventure will keep you wanting more! By J.J. Sutherland; Illustrations by Racheal Carl; Published by Tempest & Jay Publishing