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a vase with flowers sitting next to a light on a wooden wall and the quote to write i book you need
For the Brave!
Discover inspirational quotes, characters to love, and their stories of fantasy and adventure!
a quill with writing on it and a quote from f d james saying nothing that happens to a writer is ever wasted
Just Write It!
Enjoy the Journey!
an open book with two spotlights on it and the words stories are light, light is precious in a world so dark
✨Tell Your Stories✨
Just a reminder of how important story-telling is. Every reader has a favorite book that makes them feel like their home when the world seems foreign. We hope to write such books. Check out more quotes, characters, and adventures on our page.
an open book with a drawing of a dragon on it and a castle in the background that says if you aren't in over your head, how do you know
✨Challenge Yourself✨
A little note to keep going on in your endeavors. Love this quote by T.S. Elliot.
an open book with the words continuous improvement is better than decay's perfectionition
Don't Give Up.
Don't worry if you're not going fast. Keep going. Writing is a long game, and the best writers understand the need to take in knowledge and improve their art. Just keep writing.
an open book with the words, embrace uncertainity some of the most beautiful creatures in our lives won't have little until much later
✨Keep Going!✨
Writing, marketing, publishing is tough. But get through the messy bits and you just might find yourself rising.
an open window with a book on it and the words, which are written in white
Who Wouldn't Be Happy?
Oscar Wilde had simple pleasures. Are yours the same?
an image of a space shuttle flying through the sky with a quote from tetri main on it
Ready To Set Sail?
Terri Main...why you calling me out like this?
there is a tea pot and two pastries on the table with words above it
How About Both?
J.M. Barrie knew that the best adventures should always come with tea. Stay cozy!
there is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness
Be Strange!
Edgar Allen Poe spoke the truth. Don't be frightened to be yourself, even if it's a little strange.