The Once and Forgotten Thing J.J. Sutherland

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karlsimon | concept art & illustration

The Forbidden Nyth Aesthetic

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Sinking Swamps Aesthetic

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A young girl rushes towards the river, her blonde curls bouncing around her impish grin. She can hear the whisper voices. They’re talking about her new friend, the one who went on an adventure. Her blue eyes are captivated with the distant mountain peaks, shimmering white with fresh snow. As snowflakes begin to drift down around her, she throws off her yellow cloak and looks to the sky. She’s going on an adventure too…

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Character Art by : RC-San
In an upper room of a local tavern, a little boy finds solace in a bottle of ink as he tries to make sense of what happened. He can’t resurrect his father, heal his mother, or go back home. Nor can he find a way to make his new friend stay. Life as he knew it has been shattered, and all he can do is dip his little finger into the ink and distract himself with dots, a perfect row of dots dabbed neatly across the floor…

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Character art by: RC-San
“Go on, then,” came the quiet order. 
She rose, taking the nearest candle and walking towards the door of her small cottage. She couldn’t do what they wanted; she wouldn’t. Hopefully the light from her candle had already scared off whatever they’d heard out there. The soldiers were hoping it was a spy, but it might just as easily have been a wild animal or even a familiar face from the nearby village. This thought reassured her as she pulled open the door.
And then – there he was.

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Character art by: RC-San


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The Once and Forgotten Thing
Viggo's secret could destroy King Arthur and win the war for Saxony. But will he make it back alive?
an artist's rendering of a snowy mountain landscape
concept art & illustration
karlsimon | concept art & illustration
a painting of snow covered mountains in the distance
Landscape Illustration Ai Style
Hanzo’s Midjourney(v6) Showcase (AI)
an artist's rendering of a mountain valley with stream in the foreground and green grass on both sides
High Peaks
#mountains #landscape #green #fantasy
an artist's rendering of a mountain scene with people walking through the snow and rocks
Mountain Enterance, Eric VanAllen
ArtStation - Mountain Enterance, Eric VanAllen
an artist's rendering of a mountain range with dark clouds and sunbeams
Rugged Mountain , Brent Minehan
ArtStation - Rugged Mountain , Brent Minehan
the mountains are covered in snow and brown grass, under a cloudy sky with dark clouds
Mountain pass, Benjamin NAZON