Levi Reimer's Tattoo's

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a black and white photo on the arm of a person with a small child's face
Mini poloroid portrait !
Levi did the cutest portrait on our friend Chris of his beautiful daughter! Black and grey portrait tattoo.
a man's leg with a fish and mountains tattoo design on the calf sleeve
British Columbia Tattoo Sleeve
This is a bc black and grey sleeve in progress by Levi Reimer!
two hands reaching out to each other over water
Wojtek Siudmak, 1942 | Fantastic ainter
Wojtek Siudmak ~ Fantastic realism painter | Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica |
a man holding a baby in his arms while wearing a black shirt and looking down
Levi Reimer Tattoo's Blue Jay Pitcher - Marcus Stroman
Levi Reimer Tattoo's Blue Jay Pitcher - Marcus Stroman
a woman's leg with an artistic tattoo design on the thigh and behind her is a black and white photo
Black and Grey realism portrait
Levi Reimer has a few more hours to add to this shattered mirror / strong woman piece! Freckles to come!#girlswithtattoos #realismtattoo #tattoo
a man with a lion and rose tattoo on his arm
Lion and rose tattoo
Black and grey, realism, lion tattoo with a rose! Done By Levi Reimer @tenfoldtattoogallery