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The location of Mururoa Atoll

The location of Mururoa Atoll

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Dominique Prieur and Alain Marfat

Dominique Prieur and Alain Marfat. The french secret agents who where responsible for the bombing of the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior

The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior lies on its side in Auckland harbour after being sunk by two bombs, planted by French secret service agents, which also killed on crew member.

Fernando Pereira - killed in the Bombing.

Fernando Pereira by David Robie - Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Teaser from "Stories of the Rainbow Warrior"

Stories from the Rainbow Warrior - Teaser

The Wikipedia article of the Rainbow Warrior (click the pic)

Matauri Bay Rainbow Warrior - Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior - Wikipedia

The Rainbow Warrior Remembered

The Rainbow Warrior Remembered

Captain Peter Wilcox of the Rainbow Warrior I (1985)

Captain Peter Wilcox of the Rainbow Warrior I

A news feature on the Rainbow Warrior incident

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An Atomic Bomb being set off on Mururoa Atoll.

A 1971 French nuclear weapons test in Mururoa atoll. A worldwide movement has shown renewed interest in nuclear disarmament.

At Marsden Wharf

New trending story from TIME: The French Agent Who Bombed the Greenpeace Ship Rainbow Warrior Apologizes After 30 Years.