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Sugar Hearts: Mix granulated sugar with water (about one tablespoon of water for every 200 grams of sugar), just until it becomes sticky, but not dissolved. Add food color (one drop at a time) to sugar and stir until the desired color is achieved (color becomes brighter as it dries). Press sugar mix firmly into mini heart-shaped silicon molds, filling only half way so that sugar hearts are not too large. Allow to dry overnight. Remove sugar hearts from molds and store them in a glass jar.

For Tea Time - Sugar "Cubes". Mix granulated sugar mixed with a little water so that it becomes sticky while, but not dissolved. Add food color one drop at a time into the sugar and continue stirring until the desired color is created.

Modelando con fondant un ovillo de lana y una bufanda

Wow, I love this tutorial by VeganYumYum! HowTo: knit teeny tiny sweaters and scarves with marzipan. Scroll down past the tutorial to see examples of the finished work & a video of VeganYumYum on Martha Stewart.