Claudia's Cookbook - Cabbage Rolls

Country Cabbage Rolls Straight From A Mennonite Kitchen   Cabbage Rolls are a delicious meal that the who family will enjoy! Saskatchewan, the province I reside in, has a large Ukrainian population, so that’s where this Ukrainian Cabbage

meatless cabbage rolls... or better know as Ukranian Holubtsi.... I grew up on these.... so good... I always put lots of fresh dill in them when I make them... great for vegetarians too.. although I always use  a bit of bacon in mine...

Ukrainian cabbage rolls-with sour cabbage, bacon, rice & tomato sauce, just water, butter and dill

Dill potatoes intro

This particular recipe caused a lot of different philosophical cooking debates between myself and Claudia--the largest being that young garden potatoes should only be used in this recipe. I learned this the hard way when Claudia called

Glamping Baba: Glampingbaba'a Nalysnyky

Nalysnyky , or in our family, "Mutty's Cheese Crepes". These are cottage cheese crepes covered in heavy cream and baked in the oven. We fight over these every holiday meal.