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Whose Line - improv at its finest

-Pinning to watch when I have a chance-The BEST moment from Whose Line is it Anyway in history. I couldn't stop laughing! Take the five and a half minutes to watch it! So this is what improve is supposed to look like! THE CAT!

great quote

This is true. I love my job- it is my passion and a large part of who I am. This is one of those days MY job has been very enjoyable. Love the people I work with. Thanks for making my job a pleasure.

lord of the cast

Lord Rings Cast is a simple website providing the info about various actors / actresses from famous movie series. Lord Rings cast also offers.

you bet!

Some people are epic. (Although, this is a perfect example of why I think Life of Pi shouldn't have been nominated for anything other than best animation. I'm a hater, but only when it comes to that movie.) I have mad respect for visual effects artists!