The Best Classic Canadian Butter Tarts - there's a reason why we have a national obsession with these sweet, buttery, caramel-y tarts. I've sampled them in many places across the country and this thick pastry version is my favorite. Don't do the raisin debate, just leave them out if they are not your thing. Everyone should be able to enjoy them as they like them.

Classic Canadian Butter Tarts are near the top of my personal list of can't resist baked treats. The sweet, caramelly filling with a thick super flaky pastry .you can also use pecans, walnuts or even chocolate chips.

Award-Winning Butter Tarts

Winning Butter Tarts

Perfectly flaky homemade pastry shells filled with a buttery caramel center.

Old-Fashioned Butter Tarts

This famous Canadian dessert consist of a flaky pastry shell filled with a rich buttery caramel center. It's a perfect sweet indulgence whether.

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