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a hand reaching for some fruit and veggies on a white paper with other fruits and vegetables
How to Miniature Fruits and Veggies
some pink and green paper flowers next to a paintbrush on a black surface with leaves
Tutorial on Making Punched Vellum Flowers
two figurines of birds sitting on top of a wooden table
601592 geese// 2007 / figurines
a person's hand holding a small vase with flowers in it
DIY: Miniature Hydrangea
paper flowers are arranged on a purple surface
Mini Rose Tutorial
some white string on top of a wooden table
Miniature Lavender Tutorial
scissors and paper flowers are laying on the table next to it's cutters
Easiest Fastest Mini Paper Roses Tutorial For My New Custom Dollhouse
an assortment of plants and gardening tools on display
Vegetable Tutorial
a pair of scissors and some paint on a table
two small potted plants sitting next to each other
Love Strawberries!
My Dollhouse Days: Love Strawberries!
three wooden bowls filled with different types of food on top of a table next to each other