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Everyone deserves love to an extent. And everyone is not deserving to extent. But foolish to give your love and heart to someone who can intentionally hurt you, without fear. But the goal is to give someone your heart and know they will never hurt you.


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"Saudade" meaning the love that remains and the feeling of missing someone who is gone or far away. want this tattoo!

It is Portuguese, essentially meaning longing/missing someone, but deeper; it is a word for a feeling, but the English language does not have a word that directly expresses this emotion.

Anne Rice

“Like all strong people, she suffered always a measure of loneliness; she was a marginal outsider, a secret infidel of a certain sort.” - All Hail, Queen Rice: this is how I model my female.

so truuuuue. Although, I don't think people necessarily FAIL. They learn from mistakes and can move forward. Also, sometimes a person can do EVERYTHING imagineable to make things work, but at the end of the day it takes two. It still doesn't hurt for people to ask themselves what else they could have done to could you have been more selfless, respectful, kind, etc?

Love never fails. It is the people who fail. They fail to keep promises they've made. They fail to tell the truth even when they know they should. They fail to trust which over time will erode any relationship.

J. K. Rowling

Hufflepuff Pride To all the people wondering why I chose Hufflepuff, Gryffindor is not the only house with courageous people. Hufflepuffs take pride in friendship and loyalty, so disagreeing with / standing up to a friend would be a courageous thing.

Braided half up hairstyle  Fairytale Hair and Makeup

Braided half up hairstyle Fairytale Hair and Makeup