Over the Moon

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Love books with strong curvy sassy women??? Reading, Sassy Women, Love Books, Man On The Moon, Over The Moon, Love Book, Book 1, The Moon, Moon
Aubrey from Over the Moon
Love books with strong curvy sassy women???
the poem is written in black and white
Over the Moon by Tess Wattters
Imagine waking up to your boss like this?!
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Plus Size Swimsuit Women Iskra Lawrence
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Over the Moon by Tess Wattters
Love is everything, everything else is nothing. Aubrey: My life in Chicago was perfect. I had a great boyfriend, a great job, and an amazing apartment. Then it all went to shit and the city turned its back on me. Going home was my only option. Now the man that invaded my fantasies but avoided me for years is my new boss. Wolf: She destroyed the walls I built to protect everyone and made me feel something. Made me feel the urge to keep her safe, safe from me. And I did a damn good job. That is until her life implodes on my watch and I have to do everything to get her back to me and claim what has been mine all along. Tropes: ✅Plus Size FMC ✅Morally Gray MMC ✅Office romance ✅Open Door scenes ✅Found Family ✅Forced Proximity ✅One bed