Vimy Ridge primer for 98th anniversary of start of Canada's most significant battle. #VimyDay2015

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Check out this infographic, or read more here.

Irish Canadians enlist in an Irish & Canadian battalion

War Poster - Irish Canadians: Enlist in an Irish and Canadian Battalion [Canada], [between 1914 and

Bull's eye

BIENTOT A LA MODE GRACE A TRUMP This is one of my favourite covers from the Star Weekly, dated October showing a woman in a Canadian uniform throwing darts at Hitler's face.

Canadian World War II poster uses a cartoon of a beaver chewing down a tree with Hitler clinging at the top to encourage the Canadian war effort.

Canadian World War II Posters Gallery

Get your Teeth into the Job - WWII Canadian propaganda poster.

Blog Post by Vintage Inn Blog. Remembrance Day-Roundup of Interesting Canadian WW2 Posts

Remembrance Day-Roundup of Interesting Canadian WW2 Posts

WW II Posters: Of Course I Can! This WWII poster promotes food conservation through home canning.

Do with less so they'll have enough.

This World War II poster persuades people to ration their food correctly.