Science - Gr. 3.B - Building with a variety of materials

Children's literature connecting to Alberta Education science curriculum. Overview from Alberta Education: Students use a variety of tools and simple techniques to build things for specific purposes. Their tasks may require that a bridge...a lookout tower...or water container...
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“Each simple machine is a device than enables a person to make work more convenient. The lever, the wheel and axle, the inclined plane, and the pulley are the basic simple machines.

Roberto The Insect Architect (Book) : Laden, Nina : No one will hire Roberto the architect because he also happens to be a termite, so he sets off to the city to find success on his own.

What makes a moveable home? -- Tents and shelters -- Trailers and houseboats -- Building a moveable home -- Inside a moveable home -- The weather -- The environment -- School and play -- Going to work -- Getting around -- Where in the world? -- My own igloo.

Billions Of Bricks (Book) : Cyrus, Kurt : A counting book that leads readers through the day in the life of a construction worker building with bricks.

Some artists believe anything can be art - even trash! Junk sculpture is a new…

FICTION:Simon would rather play his video game than learn how to build an igloo with his grandfather or listen to his grandmother's traditional stories, until a blizzard strands him with his grandparents and he learns the value of the "old ways.

Big Book of Building: Duct Tape, Paper, Cardboard, and Recycled Projects to Blast Away Boredom (Imag

Art activities based on structures such as pyramids, sky scrapers and standing stones and materials such as stained glass, plastics and hot wax

Classification : Sciences Pub Date : Jun 26 2008 Imprint : Wayland Page Extent : 32 Binding : PB ISBN : 9780750255899 Price : Everything around you is made

Everywhere people live, they adapt to their surroundings and create unique environments, using innovative techniques to provide that most basic of needs: shelter.

In this imaginative interpretation of the nursery rhyme The House That Jack Built, young Jack builds an amazing fort in the middle of the living room, using the chairs, blankets, and other objects on

Cumulative verses with rebuses describe all the tools that a young boy borrows from his mother's toolbox to make a birdhouse.