Kindergarten Learning Activities

Fun learning ideas for Kindergarten!
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the veterans'day storybook and activity pack for children to learn how to teach
Remembrance Day and Veterans Day – Giving children a way to relate through gratitude and a commitmen
Age-appropriate stories and activities to teach kindergartners about Veterans Day.
Back to school, no-prep literacy, free!
K-1 or 2 teachers, here is a free, no-prep, Back to School literacy sampler! Updates have been made to the printable worksheets, and it is ready for digital use through #TpTEasel! Best wishes for #BTS
the benefits of a visual schedule in elementary and primary classrooms are important for students to learn
The benefits of a using a visual schedule in kindergarten and early primary classrooms
I have used a visual schedule in my kindergarten classroom for years, because of the many benefits to my students and me personally. Here are the highlights! #teaching #kindergarten #primary #visuals #earlylearning #thatfunreadingteacher
children playing with blocks and toys on the floor in front of a poster that says 5 teacher tips for a safe and positive 1st day of school
5 teacher tips for a safe & positive 1st day of kindergarten
5 Kindergarten teacher tips for a safe & positive 1st day of school! #teacherlife #kindergarten #btsanxiety #teaching #thatfunreadingteacher
five children giving thumbs up with the text 5 tips for a happy and safe 1st day of kindergarten
Teacher Tips for a Happy 1st Day of Kindergarten
Starting kindergarten is exciting, but it can also be a little scary! Use these 5 ideas to help your students have a happy and positive first day of school so they are excited to come back!
a young boy sitting at a table reading a book with the title why kids should not have to worry about reading levels and what to do instead
What reading levels mean and why kids should not have to worry about them
Reading levels can be a helpful tool for teachers, but putting too much attention on book levels can be harmful to young children.
the five ways to help kids communicate with feelings and feelings in their own speech books
How to Teach Kids to Communicate Emotions
Incorporate these 5 teaching tips into your social emotional learning time. Helping young children learn emotional literacy is essential in creating an open, welcoming classroom where students can express their feelings and feel validated.