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a white cup filled with chocolate pudding on top of a wooden table next to coffee beans
2-Minute Keto Mug Cake {2g carbs} - The Big Man's World ®
low carb mug cake.
chocolate chip cookies sitting on top of a baking sheet
Dairy Free Cookies {6 delicious flavors!} - The Big Man's World ®
dairy free cookies.
there is a cake that has been cut into pieces
Healthy Smash Cake {First Birthday Cake} - The Big Man's World ®
This smash cake is the perfect first birthday cake that is secretly healthy! No eggs, no dairy, no milk needed, it's simple to make and needs just one bowl!
chocolate chip cookie bars stacked on top of each other
4-Ingredient Banana Blondies - The Big Man's World ®
Banana blondie.
two jars filled with peanut butter sitting on top of a table next to a spoon
5-Minute Peanut Butter Mousse {4 Ingredients} - The Big Man's World ®
peanut butter mousse recipe.
a red and yellow striped cake with chocolate drizzles on the top, sitting on a white pedestal
Harry Potter Cake {Easy to make} - The Big Man's World ®
Harry potter cake recipe.
three pieces of cake sitting on top of a white plate
Vegan Coffee Cake {No eggs or dairy} - The Big Man's World ®
Coffee Cake- This simple vegan coffee cake is filled with a cinnamon sugar swirl and has a crumb topping! No eggs, dairy, or butter needed and is easily made gluten free!
chocolate chip cookies on a baking sheet ready to be eaten
10-Minute Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies - The Big Man's World ®
Hands down, the best and easiest cookies you'll ever make. These Eggless chocolate chip cookies have NO eggs and NO milk, but are perfectly soft, chewy, and with crisp edges!
chocolate and peanut butter ice cream sandwiches stacked on top of each other
Vegan Snickers (6 Ingredients!) - The Big Man's World ®
Vegan Snickers- A delicious no bake and sugar free twist on the classic snickers bars. Gluten free, dairy free and ready in minutes!
protein powder milkshake.
Protein Milkshake
protein powder milkshake.
two scoops of ice cream in a container with an avocado on the side
4-Ingredient Avocado Ice Cream - The Big Man's World ®
avocado ice cream in ice cream tin with scoop coming out.
several pastries with white icing and raspberry filling on a baking sheet
Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls {No Yeast} - The Big Man's World ®
raspberry sweet rolls.
a piece of chocolate cake on a plate with pecans
Vegan German Chocolate Cake
This vegan German chocolate cake is moist, fluffy, and filled with a gooey and sticky filling! No eggs or dairy needed, it's made in one bowl!
two mason jars filled with almond milk and topped with a striped straw
Healthy Smoothie Recipes (+ How to make a smoothie) - The Big Man's World ®
banana almond milk smoothie
a piece of cake on a white plate with a gold spoon and orange slices around it
5-Ingredient Orange Cake {Flourless} - The Big Man's World ®
whole orange cake.