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Dahlia Palette
Peaches, creams, light pinks and pale yellows are among my favourite tones in the dahlia cut flower garden beds.
some white and orange flowers are in front of a wooden wall with planks on it Flower, Cut Flowers, Bloom, Spring, Heartwarming
Narcissus Lovers
These narcissus are some of the most heartwarming blooms in the garden as they usher in Spring and bring so much joy.
some white and pink flowers are in the middle of a bouquet with other flowers behind them Easiest Flowers To Grow, Branch, Garden
Cosmos up close
Cosmos are such a wonderfully easy flower to grow. If you pinch them back when they're still quite small they'll branch out and grow even bigger. They are the true definition of a cut and come again flower!
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers Fence, Ideas, Gardens, Fence Posts, Fence Post
Cut Flower Dahlia Patch
This garden was created using a no till method of cardboard over grass that was broadforked. The bed is lined with repurposed fence posts. Variety of dahlias planted.
some pink and white flowers are blooming together Pastel, Pastel Roses
Pastel Roses
Repeat blooming these are indispensable in the cut flower garden.
two pink flowers in a clear vase on a white surface with green leafy stems
David Austin Roses
Nothing compare to the beauty and fragrance of David Austin roses. These flourish in my urban pollinator garden and are an extravagant indulgence in the cut flower garden.