Dahlias in Bloom

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two large pink flowers with green leaves in the background and one big flower on the right
Café au Lait Dahlias
Hands down the reigning queen of the cut flower garden. The Café au Lait dahlia is a must grow. These large dahlias have an indescribable dusty rose colour with softly curling petals. Total show stopper and will fetch top dollar from florists.
a bunch of pink and yellow flowers are in the middle of some green leaves,
Pastel Dahlias
My favourite combo of 2019, Breakout and Polka Dahlias - these varieties are so versatile and very vigorous producers for the cut flower garden.
a bunch of flowers that are sitting on a table in front of the camera lens
Breakout Dahlia in Bloom
The Breakout variety of dahlia was another one of our best surprises for 2019. Our cut flower garden benefitted from these immensely as they were early to bloom, larger than expected and so lush and vibrant in pastel colours. A must grow!
a large white and yellow flower in the middle of some green plants with blurry background
Polka Dahlia in Bloom
Polka dahlias were a new variety for us in 2019. They're incredibly delicate with their cream petals tipped with pink and their vibrant yellow centres.
a white chair filled with lots of strawberries on top of a wooden floor next to a fence
Jowie Winnie Dahlias
Incredibly productive Jowie Winnie dahlias; these are workhorses in the cut flower garden. They blend very well with many palettes and have an excellent vase life.
a bunch of flowers that are sitting in a vase on a chair with some wood behind it
Dahlias In Bloom
Harvested these dahlias in September 2019. Pictured are Café au Last, Polka and Breakout varieties.
a glass vase with some flowers in it
Café au Lait dahlia, grown in Ontario, Canada. Local and sustainably grown and cut to use at a farm to table dinner.